Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let your food do the talking

On 11/1 R&R will team up to cut out the junk and eat smarter. It's so easy to justify eating like shit or just not thinking at all before putting food into your mouth. I've been doing it since I've been off the bike and I feel I'm ready to be more focused and purposeful, especially with the holiday months coming. Oh, I'll cheat. For sure. I'm human, but stopping the daily cheating is my plan.

We're both reading a book called Racing Weight and although that may seem extreme or hardcore for some folks (even for me) I'm a person who needs structure and guidelines. If I just rely on myself, I wander pretty easily. I've gotten only a few pages into it and already the messages are making sense. The one that has stuck most is using food to communicate with your body, not necessarily to stop the hunger pains. Certain types of foods, on a chemical level, send your body specific messages and if that message is "uh-oh better fatten up" or "better go into survival mode" instead of "oooh, build lean muscle" or "alright, let's burn some fat" then the food isn't the right type at the moment. Which then goes to show that timing also has to be taken in to account if we want to send the right message. Here's what one review said: Racing Weight answers the difficult questions athletes often have about dieting, including how to handle the off-season. The book gives readers a scientifically backed system to discover your optimum race weight, as well as five steps to achieve it.” — Triathletemagazine

If anything, it will at least help me attain better eating habits by adopting this food as communication theory.

In the same vein, I came across this blog by a Lincoln local who has awesome recipe ideas, even for a sweet tooth fiend like me.