Wednesday, July 1, 2009

3 days til blast off

The 4th of July is always nerve-wracking for me. It should be a chill day sitting around eating and playing outside. Well, I'll be doing both, but chilling won't happen until early evening after fifty grueling miles through the high country around Breckenridge, Co.

The Firecracker 50 is this Saturday. I've checked the registration list and I'm one of 12 in my age group. I can't wait! The magic carpet is ready to fly away. My biggest concern is nutrition. Gotta put in as much as my stomach can manage all-the-while burning double the amount at any given time. It's all about input vs output. And when a couple of those outputs include monster climbs, you can imagine the energy being used, not to mention, the altitude.

So every year I go in with lessons I learned from the year before in hope of bettering my time with each attempt. This year, it's to come in under 5:30. If I do that, regardless if I make the podium, then it will be a success! Then, it's pig out and drink!

Be thinking of us come noon on Saturday. The midwest will represent! Me, RF, Larry, Bob Weick and Dr. Rick Thompson.

Happy 4th all!


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