Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Omaha getting it done!

I found this excerpt from Omaha Bike's blog. It's a report from the National Bike Summit in DC that's going on now. Yeah, that's how important cyclists are. We have a fricken summit. And now, everyone knows about Omaha and what we're doing on cyclist's behalf. Go Big O! Congrats on the area businesses who were recognized!

The luncheon was a proud moment for the Nebraska Delegation. Andy Clarke, Executive Director of the League of American Bicyclists, announced the Bike Friendly Business awards. He said he wasn't going to take the time to mention every business by name, but he did want to recognize 3 distinct "clusters" of designees ... Omaha being one of those. He was very kind in his comments about Omaha and the work we are all doing, and I believe we were the city with the most awards given. When we had our photo taken with Andy, we told him to expect many more to come, at which point, we were challenged to beat out Milwaukee as the city with the most awards. It's ON.

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