Monday, February 15, 2010

New Year, New Toys

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WELCOME BACK! As someone said, we are closer to the end of winter than we are to the start. Yeah, we want to behead the ground hog, but that would only fulfill our immediate gratification. We'd still be stuck with the frozen tundra. So, time to make lemonade, people (but stay away from yellow snow. Always!)

It's so good to be posting again. As many of you may know I had a wonderful opportunity last year being nominated as one of the five Trek Woman Who Ride. That program will not continue after March of this year, so I got pretty lucky. The goal to attract women riders to the Trek sight worked and then with the popularity of FaceBook, the community of women riders on Trek Women's FB page has grown thus becoming what they had hoped: a place for all women riders to get information and meet like-minded women. I'll post there frequently.

So, with the new year and a new season looming, I thought, what better way to come out of hibernation than with a picture of my new magic carpet. When I first saw the Top Fuel at the original Trek Omaha, I was in instant love. It is so cool. Matte black paint with sexy pin stripes. I like subdued paint schemes; timeless. Yes, the hot pink was hot and still is but that was so last decade. I got a smaller size this time and I hope I can feel a little more spry in the tight trees. I was kinda feeling a lil sluggish around here with the 16.5 but I'm not complaining. That thing rocked in the mountains. So, I'm anxious to see how the new Fuel measures up.

So much to look forward to. So much to talk about. It's gonna be a great year!