Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Reflection

Since I haven't posted anything in months (my apologies) what better reason do I need than to use it as a means to reflect on the year that was and to also put in writing my sincere promise to not make DGD become a commentative dead end.

I found myself complaining to the hubs, upon deciding what photos I'd use to make our annual holiday collage  card, that nothing spectacular had happened. After a trip to Italy in 2008, a wedding and new house in 2009, how could I possibly put together a card that would top those? Ryan scoffed at me. So I looked through this year's photo archives and though they were mainly of bike trips to places we've frequented before, they were sometimes with new people, which needless to say, always creates a new experience for us. Especially when they've never seen some of the places we take them. From the highlight reel would be our annual trip to Fruita w/ a side adventure to Moab's Arches National Park. My first trip there included a hike to Delicate Arch and it's remained a destination every year since. We so enjoy the look upon the faces of the newbies when they turn that last corner and see the behemoth and the expanse behind it. It's especially fun when, like this year, there weren't as many tourists around so we could hang out at the base and try not to fall off the other side.

Middle of the summer for dirt girl and nerd boy meant one thing: Breckenridge and the Firecracker 50. This was an A race for me but not for RF. But he did learn a valuable lesson: don't go so f'n hard at the start and well, ya might finish without cramping. And so it was. Ryan's streak of flatting and cramping had ended. He finished strong. Larry too on his newly acquired 29r. Rox, not so much. I finished. That's all I got to say about that. But from the highlight reel, we found some bitchn new single track that we rode from our condo and rode the day after the race instead of packing up to head home. Martin can confess, he was smiling ear-round after that epic day.

Ryan and I took 3 trips to S. Dakota. The first was to participate in the Black Hills FTF. With a tri-fecta uphill, downhill and XC weekend + extra trail riding with our buddy JMK as tour guide, we put in some serious miles. From the highlight reel: taking Jessie and Katie Bergman with us on an epic tour that included riding through hub deep pastures to get to the trail (SD got lots of rain in 2010) and then crossing a rushing creek atop a wood bridge in one of the canyons. Local knowledge at its finest. We returned in August for JMK's wedding which was perfect. In the middle of the Black Hills, the ceremony site was reachable only by foot or horseback. As we approached, unsuspecting trail riders were coming up the trail but they gracefully dismounted the horses until all of the guests had arrived so that we didn't have to "watch our step". With their initials written in sidewalk chalk on boulders in the middle of a low-rushing stream, it couldn't have been any more romantic. Unfortunately, that was the end of my season on that trip. A collision with a tree on the Dakota 5-0 course resulted in a cracked shoulder blade. That didnt keep me from returning for the 3rd time with the crew to the Dakota 5-0 race. As part of the Beer Leaders, I enjoyed the race from a new perspective, as we handed out cold ones to racers at one of the pit stops. Many of those that participated managed new personal bests. Though we weren't able to order waffle fries by the fire (the restaurant ran out) we still had an amazing time.

Off the bike, Ryan took on the task of building me a deck. And not just any deck. We're talking party barge. I could only sit by and watch (shoulder injury) as he, along with dedicated friends and family sacrificed many a weekend to help him build the deck I had hoped for. Stay tuned for deck party announcements in 2011.

As well, we were honored to witness the marriages of some of our closest friends. The Kingsburys (see above) and the Dolotos, who had family from the Old Country come over for the first time. To be a part of their day and part of their extended family was a blessing. (And speaking of families, many are growing. My brother will have a new daughter in 2011. One of Ryan's best friends will birth like any day and one of his co-workers and dear friends just did. So cool for everyone.)

So,yeah, RF was right. We really did have an eventful year.(I didnt even mention all the cool stuff THOR accomplished and the fun we had with Psycowpath). We had some great times and met a bunch of new friends. RF and I have talked about this phenomena before; it's so wild how every year new people come into our lives and, well, stay. And it's not like they just moved into town. They've been around, but for some reason or another certain people seem to come into focus and before we realize it, we're partying together and traveling together. We are very blessed this way.

It's New Year's Eve, and as I type this, with one arm in a cast (tendon surgery), I'm already looking forward with positive thoughts, knowing that a year from now, I'll have plenty to look back on.

Here's to you and to a great year in 2011.