Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wilted Spinach Salad With Salmon

Wish I could take credit for this recipe, although I did use pecans instead of hazel nuts and feta instead of goat cheese.

To prepare the salmon, we sprinkled it with fish seasoning and baked it for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

I had this salad at a local restaurant and just had to make it myself. Yummers! And it's loaded with good-fer-ya Omega-3s. Your heart will thank you.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dirt Girl's Asian Chicken Fried Chicken Salad

I had a craving today for an Asian-influenced salad. It's not Paleo so try this if you're on a cheat night. Or you can't find anything to feed the cat. I was flying solo, so adjust accordingly for more peeps.


3 chicken cutlets
Favorite salad greens
1 clementine 
1 egg
Broccoli Slaw (my favorite salad ingredient)
Sliced cucumber
Shredded carrots
Sno Peas
Sliced shroomies
Almond Flour
Peanuts and or sunflower seeds (no-no Paleo)
Ginger sesame dressing (nope, not gluten-free by a long shot)
Virgin olive oil or coconut oil

Heat 3/4 cup oil in small skillet. You'll know it's ready when pan is smoking. (yeah, yeah. shut up)
While pan is warming up, break egg and separate yolk from white. Keep white. Pull a Rocky and swallow the yolk. Or throw it away. All depends on your mood.
Put one cup of almond flour on a paper plate.
Coat cutlets in egg-white and dip in flour until coated.
Put chicken in pan. Should only take about 5-7 per side. Have extinguisher ready. Turn on exhaust fan.

While chicken is browning, prepare salad. Place salad greens, sno peas, shrooms and slaw in a med. mixing bowl and pour in a couple table spoons of dressing. Mix until all ingredients are coated.

Peel clementine and separate pieces.

Cut a handful of cucumber slices.

Once chicken is done remove from heat and lay on paper towel to cool. Cut into chunks.

Add chicken, cucumber, shredded carrots and clementines to salad mixture. Top with peanuts and sun flower seeds.

Ta-da! And ya don't even need a Ginsu knife!

2011 Schedule vis NCA

2011 Nebraska Cycling Association Race Calendar

It's hard to believe, but we are only three months away from the start of the 2011 racing season. Thanks to the support and effort of many individuals, teams, shops and other sponsors, Nebraska riders have a combined 31 road, off-road and cyclo-cross races spanning 18 weekends. Be sure to check back at for complete event information including race venues, prizes, race disciplines, host club information and other information as it becomes available.

Saturday, April 2: Psycowpath MTB Series - Jewell Park Time Trial (MTB) & Fat Tire Crit, Bellevue
Sunday, April 3: Psycowpath MTB Series - Swanson Park XC
Saturday, April 16: UNL Cycling Weekend (Road), Lincoln
Sunday, April 17: UNL Cycling Weekend (Road), Lincoln

Saturday, May 7: Psycowpath MTB Series - Platte River MTB Battle Royale (MTB), Louisville
Saturday, May 21: Capital City Criterium (Road), Lincoln
Sunday, May 22: Pioneers Park GP (Road), Lincoln

Saturday, June 4: Norfolk Classic - Nebraska USAC State Championship Road Race (Road), Norfolk
Sunday, June 5: Norfolk Classic - Nebraska USAC State Championship Criterium (Road), Norfolk
Saturday, June 18: Psycowpath MTB Series - Ponca's Revenge XC & Marathon - Nebraska USAC MTB State Championship (MTB), Ponca
Saturday, June 25: Nebraska USAC State Championship Individual Time Trial (Road), Yutan

Saturday, July 9: Psycowpath MTB Series - Lewis & Clark Time Trial (MTB), Council Bluffs, IA
Saturday, July 9: Psycowpath MTB Series - Tranquility Short Track XC (MTB), Millard
Sunday, July 10: Psycowpath MTB Series - Tranquility XC & Marathon (MTB), Millard
Saturday, July 16: Omaha Cycling Weekend* - Time Trial (Road), Location TBD
Saturday, July 16: Omaha Cycling Weekend - Papillion Twilight Criterium (Road) Papillion
Sunday, July 17: Omaha Cycling Weekend - Road Race (Road), Location TBD
Saturday, July 23: Cornhusker State Games XC (MTB), Hickman
Saturday, July 30: Psycowpath MTB Series - Capital City MTB Challenge TT, XC & Marathon (MTB), Raymond
*Cornhusker State Games "Road" event.

Saturday, August 13: Psycowpath MTB Series - Manawa Mayhem XC & Marathon (MTB), Council Bluffs, IA
Saturday, August 27: Psycowpath MTB Series - Maskethine XC & Marathon (MTB), Stanton

Saturday, September 10: UNL Cycling (Road), Lincoln
Sunday, September 11: UNL Cycling (Road), Lincoln

Saturday, October 8: Omaha CX Weekend (CX), Bellevue
Sunday, October 9: Omaha CX Weekend (CX), Bellevue
Saturday, October 22: Norfolk CX Weekend (CX), Norfolk
Sunday, October 23: Norfolk CX Weekend (CX), Norfolk

Friday, November 18: Lincoln CX Weekend (CX), Lincoln
Saturday, November 19: Lincoln CX Weekend (CX), Lincoln
Sunday, November 20: Lincoln CX Weekend (Nebraska USAC CX State Championship) (CX), Lincoln

Please send your questions regarding the 2011 Nebraska Cycling Association race calendar to

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eggciting wrap

Just thought I'd share some of my concocsions. Since they are really just me experimenting, I cant really call them recipes.

A few slices of low sodium deli turkey, 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 avocado, a few cherry tomatoes, and sauted onions on a whole wheat wrap.

That's it. More paleo: no wrap and mix it all together.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why Race Your Bike?

The answer, finally and finely articulated. Unfortunately, I didn't write it:

Bike racing solves many challenges: it gives purpose to physical activity; it abolishes boredom and inspires confidence since every race becomes a tactical puzzle that brings success when solved; even a short race drains the mind of everything else except racing; and racing breeds camaraderie because, to a compassionate racer, the line between friends and rivals becomes indistinguishably blurred since in reality, racing convenes a bunch of like-minded people who have a funny way of getting the best out of each other, both on and off the bike.

Sunday, January 2, 2011