Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back in Action

After a week off from training to recover and grow my bulging mawscles, I'm back in action. I did a couple hours tonight from home. I was a bit over dressed but not bad. I can't wait for day light savings!!!! I'll actually come home from a ride in daylight. But there is something pretty awesome about night riding and something kind eary too. Especially when you're alone. 

Before I start any ride, I check the wind. If I don't catch the weather report, I check flags on the way home. Real nerdy stuff but that's what ya do. But best to check before you head out or you might get caught in a wind change like RF and I did two weeks ago. 7mph on the way home. S-U-C-K!

Anywho, my route tonight was the reverse Bellevue Loop. It starts from midtown (where I call home) and then I take 32nd south to Vinton and then east to I think 20th (whatever bridge that goes over I-80 before the 13th St. bridge) From there passed Spring Lake Park, south on 13th. Usually I go through the hilly hood of Bellevue Blvd but today, after being off for a week, my legs were logs so I went for no hills and took Ft. Crook to Cornhusker and then went past Bellevue U and through Old Town Bellevue and then onto the trail. FYI, I'm a pro at locating porta potties. I can spot them a mile away. I always thank our good Lord for construction sites. So on this route, the porta potty is at the Old Presbyterian Church (and it's permanent) or in the parking lot at Haworth Park.  Nothing like a good pee to get your spirits up in the dark. The trail was empty after passing a woman walking her dogs and a couple going for a stroll. With headlamp lighting my way, I got to see the hiding places of vermon and where the deer hang out. All their little eyeballs glowing in my light stream. I always hope one of those pair of eyes isn't a mountain lion or a crazy dog. 

I only had a couple mile stretch into the wind before I turned west and the wind was at my back. My magic carpet for the night was my trusty Sycip hardtale. All steel with a Windwood carbon fork (thanks to RF). I didn't get any slicks this winter so I'm just riding on some pretty warn down Kenda's. So with the wind at my back and out of my ears, I could actually think about things other than wind. The night was cool and clear. The trail was mostly dry and no ice to be found! Spring is around the corner!

Totals for the ride: 33 miles
Time: 2:18

MIAGO! (Make It A Good One)

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