Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday's Spanking

Rule #1: don't go on a 3 hour ride after only eating half a bagel, 2 hours prior. Dirt Girl learned the hard way. But you know how us riders think. It'll be awight. Well, at 3 hours Dirt Girl was dropped like a sack and left to die alone, with only the f'ing wind in her ears. Hour 3.5 she drags herself back to civilation, only to have to still ride home with perky Nerd Boy who happily spun himself silly. Holy crap! Check out my Motion Base titled Two Rivers on 3/14 and you'll see my heart rate. My coach is going to be a tiny bit upset. Look at it at mile 60. That's when I was literally hanging over my handlebars at the side of the road. I was road kill. Learn from Dirt Girl. Eat! And pace yourself. The Garmin said about 3000 calories burned. So guess what Dirt Girl did? Put it right back in at Qdoba and then two hours later at Jimmy D's. Great food there, people. Go there on Saturday night, ask for Dee. Tell her Roxy sent you. Sunday was spent chillin on the CB loop. Lovin the warmer temps. No jacket this weekend. And tons of folks on the Ped Bridge. Nice!



  1. Oops. Been there done that. But I did it in a race. Double oops!

  2. 70 miles on 1/2 bagel!? Next time at least stop somewhere for a snack.


  3. nice work of survival. guess who was in the doghouse after that ride?


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