Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Report

Lewis and Clark race was great! We had just over 100 racers. Woo-hoo! But only 2 ladies out off all racers. Ladies, I'm tellin ya, all you have to do is show up and you'll get a prize! I was putting on the event, so I couldn't race but it was fun watching those boys' faces as they came flying down the hill. So if you've ever wanted to get out to L&C, get out there while the trail is groomed and warn in. DO NOT use the trails used on the north side of the monument. The trail entrance is just to your left when you turn into the park, right behind the entrance gate. 

Thanks for everyone who came out. It was a gorgeous day and I just wanna put a shout out to all the peeps who came out to help: Troy, Andy, Dickey for helping Josh, Ryan and I get the course trimmed up and ready; Donna & John for registration and marshaling, Danna, Dale, Leah and friends for registration and marshaling and Tim Wieland for time keeping. Folks, we really appreciate the time. You rock!

So, because we didn't race and we got out of there in record time, RF and I went for a ride Sat. evening for a couple hours. 35 miles, 1500 calories. I blew that on a large banana split from Goodrich. Sunday was a ride on the RF pain train and I don't mean what you think I mean. We rode to Glenwood via Keystone to Plattsmouth and then around CB to ped bridge. All said, 72 miles 3500 calories. I'm in food deficit, having consumed a Qdoba burrito and later chicken kabobs w/ baked potato. And a beer. Think its time to eat again.

RF and I did some wedding stuff. He liked the tux I picked out (whew) and we registered for gifts. It's definitely more fun to shop when it's not our money. wink-wink


  1. What, no bacon? I should have called, I got started about 7:45.

  2. Nope. We jumped on a ride with a couple roadies. After standing around all day on Sat and then riding, we weren't uber motivated to get up a 5:30.


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