Sunday, May 17, 2009

A weekend with the Death Star

The Death Star was officially broken in this week/weekend. I jumped on with Bike Masters on the WNR and suffered into a blustery wind after being shot out the back. Shark bait, I like to call myself at that point. No life raft's gonna save my ass. Well, unless you call the two guys I worked with for the first hour my life savors. Thanks, guys! I earned my Qdoba burrito that night.

Saturday was the Goat Hill Ride out of Bikemasters. At 8:30 twenty-some brave souls took to the hills of northwest Omaha. Again, that we had the wind howling out of the NW but the sun saved us. After looking at the profile on my Motionbase link, we had almost 6000 ft. of climbing. That alone earned me two pieces of wedding cake at a wedding reception for Ryan's cousin. Oh, and 800 mg of Ibu so I could dance to "We are Family" and "YMCA" with my soon-to-be outlaws. 

Sunday was a painful start. Still feeling the ride, RF and I drug ourselves onto the Keystone south into that God-forsaken wind. Seriously. Nothing like a fleet of 747s in your ears for an hour to get you in a good mood. Ryan was feeling the sting of the Goat, or should I say the hair of the dog, and so yours truly pulled most of the way. We rode to the Bellevue Bridge and once over, by orders from coach, I had to dig deep and do 10 min. of 30 0n / 30 off Zone 5s. Thanks to my Garmin, I can set an alarm to tell me when to start and stop so I can concentrate on the road. Once that was done, we cruised through CB via Kainesville Blvd and then up around Big Lake and back to the Ped Bridge. I had to put in a solid 3.5 so from the bridge we went to Carter Lake and north to McKinley (by Morman Bridge) and back to 52nd and home. That earned me a bag of popcorn at the movies (Angels and Demons, good flick) and a brownie at dinner. 

All in all 144 miles on the Death Star over 3 rides. The Madone is a great bike for the 2 hour training ride or the 4 hour death march. It climbs well and is comfy on the decents. It's so light the wind kicks me around a bit when it's coming from the side but really no complaints. It got many compliments on its look and design. I think this bike and I will be together a while

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