Monday, January 17, 2011

Dirt Girl's Asian Chicken Fried Chicken Salad

I had a craving today for an Asian-influenced salad. It's not Paleo so try this if you're on a cheat night. Or you can't find anything to feed the cat. I was flying solo, so adjust accordingly for more peeps.


3 chicken cutlets
Favorite salad greens
1 clementine 
1 egg
Broccoli Slaw (my favorite salad ingredient)
Sliced cucumber
Shredded carrots
Sno Peas
Sliced shroomies
Almond Flour
Peanuts and or sunflower seeds (no-no Paleo)
Ginger sesame dressing (nope, not gluten-free by a long shot)
Virgin olive oil or coconut oil

Heat 3/4 cup oil in small skillet. You'll know it's ready when pan is smoking. (yeah, yeah. shut up)
While pan is warming up, break egg and separate yolk from white. Keep white. Pull a Rocky and swallow the yolk. Or throw it away. All depends on your mood.
Put one cup of almond flour on a paper plate.
Coat cutlets in egg-white and dip in flour until coated.
Put chicken in pan. Should only take about 5-7 per side. Have extinguisher ready. Turn on exhaust fan.

While chicken is browning, prepare salad. Place salad greens, sno peas, shrooms and slaw in a med. mixing bowl and pour in a couple table spoons of dressing. Mix until all ingredients are coated.

Peel clementine and separate pieces.

Cut a handful of cucumber slices.

Once chicken is done remove from heat and lay on paper towel to cool. Cut into chunks.

Add chicken, cucumber, shredded carrots and clementines to salad mixture. Top with peanuts and sun flower seeds.

Ta-da! And ya don't even need a Ginsu knife!

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