Thursday, April 16, 2009

Valley of the Rabbits

Today we did one of my absolute favorite rides, Rabbit Valley. It's a bit of a challenge to get to the treasured scenic trails that flow nicely around canyon rims but the effort is worth every stroke. And with all the precip that has been in the area recently, the hills are greener than I've ever seen them which makes for amazing scenery. 

We left for the trail under a cloud that was spitting snow in town. We decided just to drive to the trail head and figure out what to do once we got there and to our amazement it was sunny and beautiful, but a bit chilly which was perfect out in the exposed terrain.  The group was a bit slow to start which is understandable considering the many hours of pedaling in their legs and being soar from injuries. We stopped many times along the rim for photos, of which unfortunately I can't share because of the crappy band width! But I will soon! We were back early afternoon and had a chance to wind down. The three stooges (ryan, tim and Martin) played with their RC cars while Daryl and I soaked in the hot tub. Then he and I drove up to the Colorado National Monument for a sunset scenic tour. As always, good times.

One more day with the group and then it's just Ryan and I for a couple days, which will be nice too! 


  1. With 70 closed Friday through today (Saturday) did they get an extended vacation?

  2. Hi Rox and Ryan!
    Gregg and I have been following your adventure. Come back thru Wichita and we'll give you a room and take you out for some live music.

  3. Hey Sis! Thanks for posting. We'll def have to make it your way soon.

  4. Daryl, Martin & Tim got held up in Vail for 30 mins while they finished clearing the pass, but still made it home Saturday night.


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