Thursday, July 30, 2009

T-Minus Two Days

Alright, cats, I'm heading out tonight to meet Ryan in Denver. From there we'll drive to Laramie (he drove out in Pearl, my Subaru), which is only a few hours. We'll be able to sleep in, get a good breakfast and some recon riding of the race course. Lots on my mind, so I just really need to focus once I'm on the start line. I've been told to get up front early so I have a chance at the whole shot.

On the home front, mom is home. She looks like she hit the pavement but it's all superficial stuff that will heal. THANK THE GOOD LORD! My sibs will take care of her well while I'm out doing crazy two-wheeled stuff.

We are close to getting a house! If all goes well, we close in three weeks. Anyone got a truck?

Have a great weekend all. I hope this weather comes with us!


  1. Kick big butt guys. Wanna see double podium pictures when you return. Send out a date for MOVEX

  2. Congrats on the house. What's up with your knee???? OUCH!!!!


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