Sunday, August 9, 2009

Knee Report

First of all I just want to thank everyone I talked to at the TTT for their well wishes and genuine interest in how I am doing.. Dirt Girl was feeling the love and I really appreciate your concern. It was tough watching and not participating in the race but I'm a big advocate of resting to heal, and so that is my focus now. Dakota 5-0 is a question mark at this point.

The knee has begun the healing process. New skin is forming around the crater edges. I've been told by an ER nurse that the deepest part of the puncture won't be healed even by my wedding day, but luckily, my dress is very long. He did confirm that he could still see exposed muscle tissue, so that gives you an idea on how deep it is. Now my job is to bend it as much as possible to aid the tissue to grow back in such a way that I don't have pain when I squat down. This is how I work, people. If I'm given a goal, I latch onto it like leach. My knee will bend, even if I have to strap my foot to my ass.


  1. The "Pop, Drop, and Lock it." Has been in use for ages for the rehabilitation of knees. Bounce girl, bounce.

  2. Give yourself a lot of leg massages around the area as well to stimulate blood flow and to keep neighboring muscles loose. Good luck to you!!!

  3. Stay strong, Roxy! Your race story was gripping! Take care of that knee and make sure to get a few good photos in the wedding dress, pulling up the skirt to show off your scar. Wow!!

  4. I can sit without pain but it still pulls on the newly forming skin. I tried pedaling backwards on my road bike as I leaned against a wall. I could do a full rotation if my foot was pointing straight down. If it wasn't, it felt like my skin was going to tear off. Needless to say, I wasn't the happiest camper after that but I gotta stay positive. This is my opportunity to focus on the wedding and getting ready to move into our new house! At least I have these things to keep me from going postal.

  5. Stay positive! You have so many things going for you and looking forward to:)
    You knee will heal!!


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