Thursday, June 18, 2009

Christmas in June

Look what Santa Trek brought me! Shoes, helmet, gear, XT cranks, tools...all cuz I ride my bike. Ain't that just the coolest thing ever?! All of this is the rest of the stash all of the Trek Woman Who Ride contest winners recieved. Does Trek take care of us or what! Serioiusly, I want for nothing. I have no excuse not to ride. So, let me say it one more time. Ride your bike, people. Look what can happen if you just ride your bike (well, besides lose weight, live healthier, drive less and tap into the 10 year old that's inside all of us).

Thanks again, Trek, and their super generous rockstar head of sales for WSD products, Ms. Heather Henderson. As well as all of those that support women in their quest to rediscover themselves using two wheels. This company/brand gives and gives and gives. They just want people on bikes. I can't say enough so I'll do it by pedaling instead.

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  1. Cool. Fun getting goodies in the mail like that isn't it.

    It was nice seeing you for .03 seconds yesterday as you passed me on your bike. I was tempted to turn around so that I could say hello and chat a bit. But I figured I probably wouldn't be able to catch you, and if I did, I wouldn't be in any condition to carry on a conversation. ;-)

  2. It's all good. I was doing intervals that day so I wasn't much for conversing anyway.

    Glad I got a ride in before the rain came.


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