Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dirt Heaven

I've died and gone to dirt heaven. I've been here many times and each time brings a new experience. New peeps, new weather, new ouchies...each trip is unique and has its own stories. I love seeing new riding buddies' faces the first time they see a grand view or make it down a particularly gnarly section. You know it was a good day when your buddy thanks ya for bringing them out. Makes everything worth it.

We're now in Fruita and we've been to 18 Road and did a few runs. Today was the epic. 21 miler starting with Rustlers to Horse Theif to Mary's Loop to Steve's Loop and up to Lion's Loop and down Mac Ridge. Epic were the views, the terrain and the 40mph gusts that were determined to blow us off the cliffs. At one time on Mac Ridge, I had to stop pedaling because the wind was so strong. Talk about intense. I  thought Omaha had windy weather.

But an epic ride aint epic unless someone gives to the trail gods. Today it was Daryl who sprained his ankle. Kudos to him for finishing the day when he could have bailed! Then in the last 30 minutes Ryan crashed twice, the second time within feet of the end of the trail. Both knees have huge gashes and one of them is the size of a baseball. Hmmmmm...sounds familiar... He did the same thing last year on Porcupine Rim. But all told, things could have been worse and we are all safe and intact. Dinner tonight was a Martin specialty...salmon steaks, fresh green beans and wild rice. Too good! 

Weather isn't looking too good tomorrow, so the boys are already fixing up their RC cars in case we can't ride. I have a feeling our group wouldn't mind the day off.

We still have many more days to enjoy. Hope all's well back home.

Sorry for the lack of photos. Slow internet connection won't let me. Stay tuned!

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  1. Is Ryan getting too bold or old? Keep the rubber side down and keep having a great time.


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