Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mother Nature Isn't Funny

So if April showers bring May flowers, what does an April blizzard bring? A bunch of newborns in nine months. He-he!

Seriously, this is craziness. RF and I snuck in a ride yesterday at Manawa for one last single track ride before the storm came in. Still dialing in the Top Fuel. Love the auto lock out and of course the pro-pedal in back. With pro pedal on it rides similar to a hard tail but the rear isn't totally locked out. Just enough to take the edge off the stutters but then if I hit something really big, it will give.

I think I've said it a few times this week... it seems the older I get, the plushier the bikes get. 

Well, folks, hunker down. It'll be a few days until the trails dry out. In the meantime, you got it, buy the family pack!

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  1. Ladies, you look so much more beautiful without makeup.


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