Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Old and New Chicago

I'm not much of a big city girl but Chicago is pretty cool. After all, next to it's towering cityscape is a beach and a very large lake but even better are the miles of bike trails that line both. In Chicago, we outdoorsy-types can escape the urban jungle and see the sky and feel the breeze (hence the nick name the Windy City, but I think Omaha is fighting for that title as well). Heck, if you ride your bike to certain restaurants, you get a discount! Sweet!

I met up with my life-long friends, some of whom I've known since Kindergarten, to celebrate our 40 years of livin large as well as our friendships. One of them dubbed our annual trip Kindergarten Round-Up, which is fitting. One part of our group went to Underwood Hills Elementary and the other part went to Hillside Elementary. We all met in junior high and have been great friends since, despite parting ways for college, marriage, family and even relocating to different states.

We spent the weekend shopping, sight-seeing and imbibing. Lots of catching up, laughing it up and eating it up. I swear we were constantly munching on something. We took an architectural boat tour (I sat next to an older couple who were definitely all about sex in the city. Sheesh!) Afterwards, we hit the Hancock Building for an amazing view of the city from the Signature restaurant on the 19th floor) FYI - bypass the $15 drink in the restaurant and see the same view from the bathroom. I'm serious! 

I also got to visit with my good pal Jenae who I used to work with some years ago. She moved to Chicago and was a wonderful tour guide. She took me to Millenium Park where the blooms were starting to come up as well as some fantastic environmental art. I love seeing people out and about, enjoying their city and art! We walked through gardens next to the Chicago Art Institute and around fountains in Grant Park. Spring had definitely sprung in the big city.

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