Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Day in the life...

5:30 alarm goes off
dirt girl bounces to the window...SUNSHINE!
get up, Nerd Boy, it's racin time!

6:30 getting coffee for volunteers

7:15 pull up at Swanson to unload

8:15 our first registered rider.

"Ryan, turn on some tunes. Wake the neighbors with some Steely Dan", bellows Kent. Ryan loves a little Steely in the morning. (hehe) He obliges, cranks up the volume.

8:30-9:30 racers trickle in. It's madness. But in a good way. I'm stoked. Lots of energy. People are ready to race! So much so that one had his brother get him registered because he was running late. He just made it too. One guy got lost getting to the venue but he wanted to race so he did the Cat. 2 open. When it's time to get your dirt on, it's time to get your dirt on. Do whatever it takes. And so it was.

10:00 Racers are off and I have a breather to eat a turkey/bagel sammy in the hope that I'll be able to pull away and race too. 
Do whatcha gotta do. 
Not perfect. 
Standing all morning. Lifting boxes. Answering questions. Not focused. 
We'll see.

10:30 the next groups start registering. Madness, take 2.
Lots of hellos to peeps I haven't seen in a while. Yeah, this is where it's at. Right here.

11am - unknown cat. 1 women signs up. it's on now. dirt girl is gonna race.

11:30 kit up, kiss my volunteers good-bye and go to warm up (if you call two high cadence spins up and down the road to the fire station a warm up. Guess I'll warm up when the gun goes off.)

12:00 we line up with the cat. 1 men. Sweet. unknown cat. 1 woman is an adventure racer getting in some workout miles. ya wanna work out, do ya? 

12:10 We're off like rabbits. Around the field and into the single track. 35 riders + one narrow hole = traffic. Delay vomitting. Track stand instead at root climb. Whew, made it. Now pedal!

12:35 One lap down. Debbie's behind me but in sight. Nice work for a new mom. I'm way impressed. All those breathing exercises musta paid off! This was my first race without a camel back thanks to side entry water bottle from Bontrager. Not sure I dig it. I like having my hands on the bars. Just deal. Ride your damn bike. 

1pm - lap two down. time to settle in for crying out loud. where's debbie? There she is. WTF? Is she drinking her kid's formula? Awesome stamina! I think she should market that shit.

1:25 - lap 3 down. starting to tire a bit. F'd up the root of all evil. crap. I'm not riding very hard. What is the deal? Let's get this over with. I don't see anyone. 

1:35 - finished. time to recover. mmmm, hamburgers. whoa, stomach. not quite ready. but this chocolate milk will hit the spot.

2:15 - Make mine well done, please.

3:00 - Awards time. Bring on the rock stars.

4:00 - Nerd boy and I head back, unload

7:00 - Head to grad part. Hooray, bike peeps. They are okay with us devouring the snack tray.

10:45 - Heading home. 

11:00 - Tots

11:15 - In front of TV with tots and a beer. 

Now that's how you kill a Saturday, my friends. 


  1. Wish I could have been there! I am in Minot, ND for two weeks of training so I will miss Platte also. Have fun and giv em hell!


  2. BTW we don't watch just any "TV" at 11pm. Dirty Harry was on.

    Also, add 5pm-- Ryan downs a 2nd Red Bull, and mows the lawn. Must not have ridden hard enough.

  3. Thanks, Rox, for being such a great leader at this event. You ran it like a professional. I do need to get together with you guys so we can get all the paperwork filled out and turned in. I emailed you on Monday about this, did you get it? Let me know.

  4. I forwarded the email to Donna. She's really the person in charge of paperwork. Her email is on psycowpath.com.

    And you did great for flying solo. I think you got some props on MTBO! great work, mike!


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