Thursday, May 7, 2009

Turkey Tuesday

Tuesday I rode the Bellevue loop backwards. I was still feeling the race from Saturday. You know you're tired when you can feel it in your eyes. Anywho, as I was riding the section of cobbles on Bellevue Blvd. a rather handsome gaggle of turkeys were taking an early evening stroll, strutting their stuff. They didn't want much to do with chick in the lycra, so my photos weren't all that great but there were at least a dozen turkeys. Funny, the house next to the "turkey yard" is for sale. I wonder if having turkey's for neighbors brings down the value? 

The wind was howling out of the south as I entered the Haworth Park entrance to the Bellevue Trail. With my head down, I just did my thing, really wishing I wasn't there. Just call me BA (recognize that from the A-Team? Bad Attitude is right!). Either I was still tired or I was crashing from my 4pm caffeine break. Then, Randy Crist went flying by and soon he chased me down after finishing his zone work out. I was so thankful b/c he pulled me all the way through the wind. What a guy! After that we put up our sails and cruised home. 

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