Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Extreme Yoga = Extreme Pain

Note to self: Don't do hyperflexing yoga moves the day before a race. So, since doing this move to stretch a stiff lower back, I've been off the bike. A lot of good that did. I missed the yummiest conditions at Platte this weekend, then was docile on Sunday. I did ride with the Chicas Monday, but it was just a spin to see how the back was doing. It was mad after one lap at Tranq. Today it's better after seeing Dr. Rick, my back man for a couple of years. Hope to do a group ride Wed. and see what I can accomplish. 

But during my down time I'm back on the wedding planning wagon. I've put it off long enough. Only 5 months away. Wait. FIVE months? That's it? Crap. I better get on it.

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