Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wedding Planning 101

I kicked the hubs-to-be out of the house so I could spend Memorial Day weekend doing wedding planning. So while he's cruising around the trail in the Badlands, I'm cruising the malls and tux shops. Think he'll look good in this?
On my to do list:
Registering for gifts (yes, I'll let him pick out something)
Get a ride in (check)
Shoes for me
Shoes for my maids (check)
Get a ride in
Writing the invite info
Start on my vows 
Get a ride in

I'm still pondering how to incorporate our cycling obsession into the whole event. We can't ride away on bikes b/c we're on a grassy hill (no, I ain't gonna go DHing in my gown...that's later). We will have a tandem, so maybe we ride on the service road next to the grassy hill for photo ops. For those of you familiar with Ponca State Park, that would be the road next to the visitor's center, that leads up to the start/finish area of the bike races.

I welcome your ideas...

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