Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Dirt

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! We got on dirt. We got on dirt. We got on dirt. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....Good group on the TNR. Gravel ride nada! Yep, folks, we took a chance on some feedback that Swanson was rideable and by garsh it was! Soft in spots and leafy in others. One log down over the rollers after the big dip in the back section. Please don't ride around the soft stuff. We don't need the trails to be wider. A dozen or so peeps. Hot Pepper Harlan on his X-bike presuming we'd be on gravel. Run what ya brung, he says. Way to go with the flow.Got in a couple laps then chowd down at Lil Burro. Nothin beats taquilla chicken tacos.

But the best part is I got to actually sample the new magic carpet. Carbon on single track is like crack and I'm hooked. Roots? Pfft! It takes the edge off so much that it's totally rideable with all the suspension locked out. Unfortunately my back won't play that game but it's pretty comfy! Working on getting the shifting right. Sorry, Kev and others who go stuck behind me going up the root climb. Totally wrong gear!

Happy First Day of Spring!!! See ya on the trails.


  1. No problem I was having some shifting problems myself. After I figured out how to shift the XT stuff and that with it being so soft I was better off in middle ring most of the lap to keep from cross ringing I was much better off. It was my 1st ride on my Fuel, I like it and it even felt fast tonight on a soft trail. Can't wait for dry fast trails, going to be a fun year with a awesome ride. I hope you enjoy your Fuel as much as I think I will enjoy mine.

  2. that was fun, maybe not with 42-17 but pretty fun I'm going back tomorrow. Super sweet bike by the way

  3. thanks, dudes! Good times. Hope the weather holds! Grrr!
    Good luck this weekend, Kev.


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