Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Got in some good miles this weekend. RF and I headed out on pavement Saturday morning. Not much wind but it seemed no matter which way we went, it was in our face. We got sucked up by a train of roadies consisting of Spence, Wally and others. Took turns in a pace line. Well, I didn't but I watched. That ended at Haworth Park. They kept heading north and we went across the Bellevue Bridge. Funny how the bridge employees always have some kind of commentary when you ride your bike to the window. Always curious where you're heading and where you've been. I suppose we help to break up the monotony of working in a closet all day. Once across the bridge we headed north at the first road which wound us around to the Wabash Trailhead and from there we did our usual route through CB, over to Big Lake Park and then took the trail back to the Ped Bridge. Lots of folks out on the bridge. Afterwards Nerd Boy met up with Nerd Boy Buddies to play RC cars. Ended the night in the kitchen of a friend, dining on a large bowl of pesto-laden linguni with grilled chicken and Focaccia bread. Now that's how ya kill a Saturday.

Sunday was spent in pain mode, doing intervals and listening to that God-Forsaken Nebraska wind. Argh!!! Spent some time at mom's helping with yard work (aka blowing ours off). 

All in all, pretty lame but those are few and far between once race season starts in full swing.



  1. I missed ya on Saturday. I was along for the ride with Spence and crew, but I got dropped about a mile or two before they caught up with you and NERD Boy. Once I caught back up, you were already over the bridge. Those guys move right along. I look forward riding with them again. Maybe I'll hang on next time.

  2. Or give us a call when you want to ride. We won't drop you.


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