Friday, March 13, 2009

TNR CB Stylee

This week's TNR was around Council Bluffs, on the loop made fame by our ol' pal Rusty. Now that the ped bridge is in place, we don't have to risk our lives riding over the interstate bridge. This route is great if you have a N or S wind because most of it is protected by the neighborhoods. There are a couple of doozy hills but it's mostly flat.

Check out the motion based map over there on the right titled CB Loop. Start at the Ped Bridge. Porta potties aren't out on this route yet. There will be one at the trail head of the Wabash soon. Otheriwise, the gas station across the street is where I stop (plus you can get snacks). And then there will be a few at Big Lake Park once the weather turns nice. Mostly a trail ride but to get from Northern CB to Southern, you'll have to ride through the neighborhoods and cross Broadway. 

Lights were needed still.

Get outside this weekend. 70s are on the way, my friends!



  1. Great ride Thursday night. I thank all those who let me draft to keep up.
    Hey, we didn't get stop for the snacks at the gas station!


  2. Hey, you're right. Next, time, Tom. But we did have some good grub at Old Chicago! And again, you rock for rockin the grocery bag toe covers.


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