Friday, March 27, 2009

Life is about to get interesting...

Well, I've never been good at tooting my own horn, so this is going to have to suffice. I've been chosen as one of five women to represent the Trek brand and be an advocate for other women to ride and live a healthy, fullfilling lifestyle. I'm proud and honored to have been chosen. This is one ride I most definitly won't forget.

Press release to go out Friday March 27


Trek Women is pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 Trek Women Who Ride contest.  Roxzanne Abbott, Caitlin Hollister, Rebecca Jensen, Amy King, and Mary Strupp will be given Trek WSD bicycles and Bontrager gear and will represent Trek Women by attending regional events and sharing cycling and life experiences in their blogs at  Passing the torch are Trek’s previous Women Who Ride Stephanie Brodegard, Laura MacLean, Susan Mele, Jennifer Polo, and Marie Westrope, who represented Trek throughout 2007 and 2008. Trek’s Women Specific Product manager, Heather Henderson said “it was so difficult to choose only five women from the incredible pool of contestants, we wanted to include them all, but we’re excited these ladies will be on our bikes and representing Trek WSD!”


Trek introduced the Women Who Ride contest in 2007, asking entrants to submit an essay stating why they should represent Trek WSD and be given a new Trek WSD bicycle.  The 2009 contestants were asked “why do you ride?”  All submissions were read by a panel of judges, the winners ultimately passing four rounds of elimination.  Roxzanne, Caitlin, Rebecca, Amy, and Mary submitted compelling essays detailing their pleasure in encouraging other women to ride.  On being informed she was a winner, Roxzanne’s enthusiasm was clearly evident: “I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!! WOOHOO!! THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY. I'M STOKED AND JUST FLAT OUT OVER JOYED. CAN YOU TELL I'M SCREAMING???!!!!”


Trek runs the contest in their unending effort to include ever more women in cycling as part of a happy and healthy lifestyle.  It is their belief women can help and encourage other women by sharing their experiences, for better or worse, and eliminate potential barriers that block participation to the sport.  “The hope is that by sharing stories about real-world experiences, more women will feel comfortable getting on bikes because they better know what to expect while riding,” said Henderson.




The following bios will be featured in the new 2009 Ride Guide.


Amy King

Amy is a former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom who wants her kids to know the thrill of cycling.  When she's not visiting the zoo, cleaning up toys, or hosting a playgroup, she can usually be found out on a ride.  Amy commutes to work by bike, rides centuries, competes in triathlons, and adores singletrack.  Amy also enjoys snowboarding and hiking (with and without children).  She also likes to pretend she's a domestic goddess by attempting to bake, try various crafts, and not kill the plants in her garden.


Caitlin Hollister

A Boston native, Caitlin teaches third grade in the city, enjoying early morning bike rides to school.  Her summers are spent mostly touring on her bike,  including trips through the Canadian Rockies and along the West Coast.   Newly married, Caitlin and her husband David were engaged on a bike ride to their favorite swimming hole.  When she's not cycling, Caitlin loves to run and ski with David and their chocolate lab, Mocha.  She's always eager to bring friends along for new adventures both in the city and the backcountry.  Caitlin volunteers with the Appalachian Mountain Club's Youth Opportunities Program, training youth workers to lead outdoors trips with kids. 


Mary Strupp

Mary got her first new bike at age 44, completed her first triathlon at age 54, and started a new business opportunity at 64.  A Milwaukee native, Mary has lived in eight states, is a mother of two, and a grandmother of four.  She has been a medical researcher, a teacher, marketing director for shopping centers, sales and marketing director for a plastics company, and owner of a different plastics company.  In addition to outdoor sports she enjoys reading and crafts like knitting, sewing, and quilting.  Her motto for tackling just about anything is be there; be involved; be positive; be happy.


Rebecca Jensen

Rebecca is a self-proclaimed anti-snob, pro-fun cyclist.  Rebecca’s love for cycling began after knee injuries side-lined her from soccer and running. Riding for her college cycling team at Whitman College, as her fitness increased, so did her cycling prowess, winning five Collegiate National Champion jerseys. After graduating she began working for the Walla Walla Community Center for Youth, coaching a junior cycling team and teaching bike repair.  She believes the best way to help people, which she finds immensely rewarding, is through contagious enthusiasm.


Roxzanne Abbott

At almost 40 years young, Roxy tries to make the most of each day; every day is a gift and do I love opening presents!  Roxy has ridden and raced mountain bikes for ten years when not busy with her fourteen-year career at an advertising firm.  She plans to marry her soul-mate this year, but only after a full bike season of riding, racing, traveling and trail building is over. They direct their local mountain bike racing series in and around Omaha, Nebraska, volunteering extensively with the local trail care organization. Work hard, play hard. It's all about finding balance and living life to its fullest.  


  1. That is fantastic Rox! Good for you.

  2. Roxanne,
    I can't think of a better woman to represent Trek women who ride. You encourage everyone to ride women and men. All the time and resources you have donated are appreciated by everyone I know.
    Ryan should put a horn on the bike they give you so you can toot it every time you ride. Ride, smile and toot your horn Rox you earned it.


  3. Congradulations Roxy! That is so cool! Diverse group of women who love riding and put time back into the cycling community. Your a great example for both genders.

  4. Con Grab U-lations!! Rox, you have always been such a great ambassador of cycling. It is very fitting that you have been chosen for this cool program.

  5. Thanks, all. I appreciate your support. It's so exciting. I'll be meeting the other winners in April and finding out what all of this is about. It's still amazing to think that I am going to be one of these 5. I guess it really hasn't hit me yet.

  6. NICE!! Free bike. How can you beat that? You can't. Tell nerd boy to push it to next weekend please...Bone Bender on 18th...go go go 11th.

  7. Congrats Roxy! Well deserved. I couldn't think of a better person to promote cycling.

  8. Most excellent! You deserve it and much more. They aren't fooling anyone. Trek and everyone else is the big winner here. You just happened to benefit too. Good luck with your new "career".

  9. Congrats Roxy. Hope you enjoy the new bike. I know you will be an outstanding representative.

  10. You guys are all so sweet. Thanks for your support. It truly means a lot.

  11. Very Cool Rox, and well deserved.

  12. What a great inspiration you are to all of us.


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